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since 2008


Metrodão started in business in May 2008 as a building construction company. Since then has been working in Construction, Renovation, Rehabilitation, Design and Inner Decor projects of commercial and habitational spaces.


The company already has an extended portfolio, as well as experience, developing new projects to its customers in collaboration with its specialized internal teams of architecture and engineering, and operational construction teams too. This way, Metrodão can assure an effective communication between the client and the teams, resulting in a distinct work.


Its core goal is to embrace, with all its effort and method, all the daily challenges presented by its customers. Innovative thinking combined with the right materials are the key to solve those issues. Metrodão’s compromise is a continued grow, as much in experience and quality as in years, responding the best way possible to its client expectations and needs, building more than houses, but strong a based relationship between them.

Through its years of experience, specifically in Urban Rehabilitation specialization, Metrodão has learned to value the quality and professionalism to a whole new level, as it established its purpose as to guarantee the best quality and assurance within its timelines presented to the costumer.



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